This site aims to give an insight into my life on the PWA tour, as well as letting you know what I get up to the rest of the year, training, preparing and travelling to windsurfing and surfing spots around the world.

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About me

When I was born in 1984, windsurfing was just about at it’s peak and my dad, being a huge windsurfing fan and good windsurfer himself, named me after his idol, Robby Naish.

Since then, my family have helped me to pursue my love of windsurfing and become a professional sailor. Now I am lucky enough to travel to some of the best windsurfing locations in the world and compete at the very highest level in order to earn my living.

I have come close to realising my dream of winning a PWA world title, finishing 3rd in four different disciplines, three of them over consecutive years from 2003-2005. A couple of injuries held me back in 2006-2008 but in 2009 I was back at number 3 in the world and hope to win a wave world title very soon!

Best Results
1999 IFCA Youth World Champion Slalom
1999 IFCA Youth World Champion Formula
2003 1st Place PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura
2003 3rd PWA Overall Freestyle World Ranking
2004 3rd PWA Overall Super X World Ranking
2005 3rd PWA Overall Waves World Ranking
2008 4th PWA Cabo Verde Waves
2009 3rd PWA Overall Wave World Ranking
2010 6th PWA Overall Wave World Ranking

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